Tuesday, January 19, 2010

{ Beginnings }

Have you ever had one of those crafty days where you start using a technique or process and can't stop? You find yourself applying it to everything within reach until something finally breaks your trance and you come back to your senses? No?

Well I have, and it is what brought { ModFauna } to life.

It all started with a lack of packing material, actually.

There I was (This is CharmingMittens, by the way, nice to meet you!) sitting in the middle of a nest of packing supplies when I found myself out of cushion mailers. I had a few from previous transactions laying around, but I had to find a way to cover up their recycled roots to still give my outgoing mail that level of sophistication that I prefer, so I grabbed the nearest cover-all, which happened to be a tube of teal paint, and covered it right up. With a nod I decided that it looked pretty fabulous, so why not paint all of the packages teal?

Fifteen teal flowers on fifteen fabulous packages later I found myself out of mailworthy canvas, so I turned my eyes towards the living room to search for something, anything, that could use some brightening.

My tiny toy donkey sat happily on the coffeetable, not knowing what was to befall him.

I'm not THAT crazy. I promise. The toy donkey was part of a set of animals I bought to use as props in Through The Viewfinder photography. I have always loved little toy animals, so I took the first opportunity to incorporate them into my work.

I picked up my little donkey and painted away, covering his warm brown colored paint with a trendy teal. His transformation was slow, but upon completion he could not have possibly been cuter! Gleefully I looked at my new teal donkey (If you are curious about which I mean, you can find him {here}) quite pleased with myself.

ThePaperElement, the craftiest origami and paper queen I have had the pleasure of meeting, listened to me rave and rave about my new toy, and after a few clicks, his cuteness lit up her webcam viewing screen and I saw the silent squee of a reaction. I am sure it was far from silent, but luckily for my ears the sound was muted. I told her I wanted to make a few more and jokingly I talked about making a shop for them. She thought it was a great idea and started setting up shop. ModFauna was born, the name her idea.

We ironed out the details and put up a few banner ideas, gleeful about it all.

We are here to offer you beautiful little objects d'art in fabulous packaging. Our purpose is to release the sweetest and most stylish of fauna into the wild to brighten rooms everywhere. We would love to have little herds at home in rooms everywhere.

We hand select each animal based on quality and cuteness. Animals are are made from everything ranging from hard plastics, to antique hard wax, to a rubber and plastic mix. Animals range in age from 60 to almost new, rescued from thrift stores, estate sales, antique stores and yard sales. Donations are accepted, so if you would like to mail off your unused fauna to a better place, we would be more than happy to take them in.

Each animal is prepared using various tools to remove blemishes and molding errors, the given a coat of industrial primer. Beautiful coats of paint are applied until a fabulous new look is obtained. Many layers of clear sealant are then applied to give the animal protection against chipping and damage. (The lovely shine is a very nice bonus.)

Animals are then packaged using the finest materials and shipped with care to their destinations. International shipping is available, so no matter where your location, you can collect your own herd. Discounts are available for multiple item orders upon inquiry. Shipping discounts are in place as well.

Beautiful new animals are being added to our beautiful { ModFauna } shop daily, so check back often so you can see what we have been up to.

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